Boskovice, CZE
27.4. − 1.5.2023

About the Western City



The Western City Boskovice covers an area of 17 hectares of a former sand quarry, in the middle of a pine forest, near the Boskovice town. It’s placement is perfect for giving an impression of a wild west, enhanced by its distance from the nearest town rush. The closest civilization is the 2 km far away Boskovice town. However, the Western City itself covers all modern needs, ingeniously hidden amongst the old times coat.



The Main Street

The Main street is the main place of the town’s hustle and an important part of KRAZs programme. Lots of various buildings are located here, hiding many secrets. You can find the Orgahouse in there, where orgas or conops can be found eventually, the Candy shop, where a freshly brewed coffee with tasty desserts can be found, the Desperado house, which hides the Lazy Cat Tea House, or the Old West Store, which we changed into the fursuit lounge, providing the resting and refreshing place for our fursuiters. Amongst many others, a frequently-used jail can be found there, as well as various craft shops, costume rental, and an entrance to the Amphitheater, which hosts the Vinnetou show during the season. Residents of the Canadian cottages and the Tent town will surely like public bathrooms and facilities, divided for men and women. We also can’t forget about the dominant part of the whole Main Street, which is the Saloon 1870.


The Saloon 1870

Enjoy a perfect replica of a typical 1870s saloon. A large two-storey house dominated by a 17-meter bar and a theater podium with the capacity of 160 people is a perfect place for your evening, morning and any-other-time-of-the-day drink. Qualified staff, dressed in period clothes, will take care of you throughout your whole stay there, serving you various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as mixing you one of many drinks to fulfill all your needs.

Free WiFi will be available at the Saloon 1870. The Saloon 1870 accepts Visa and Maestro cards. Opening times are from 8 AM to 23:30 PM, but can be even longer if you have enough fun and drinks in there.



The Tea House

As a further refreshment, you will be able to visit The Lazy Pony Tea House. It will be on the Main Street, near Saloon 1870. Let yourself be lured by magical smells of far orient or just hop on the wave of the asian tea culture. Our tea master will take good care of you. Whilst he manages the local laundry house, feel free to let him wash your dusty underwear as well. Think of your health first and wash your undies at least four times a year!

Hookahs are allowed in the outdoor spaces of the Tea House.


The Candy Shop

Our Candy shop is located on the Main Street as well and will provide you freshly made coffee with small sweet goodies for the whole day. Would you like a cake with your tea or coffee, or are you hungry for some snacks for your beverage? Feel free to come. We serve coffee in a modern way, using an Espresso machine delivered here from far away Florence, as well as the cowboy style. Cowboys always had little to no time to prepare their coffee, so they found an easy way to save a few minutes, by simply throwing freshly ground coffee in their mouths, filling them with hot water and just shaking their heads, mixing the ingredients together, after which just swallowed and enjoyed their coffee in a very short period of time.



The Campfire

Everyone needs a little rest after a long day of gathering cattle and mining gold, which is why we lit our Campfire, located near the Canadian cottages, each night after dinner with flames of hope and friendship.

We kindly ask you not to disturb the Campfire spirit and keep yourselves from using electronic music boxes as well as consuming any homemade or hometaken booze.


Feel free to visit other parts of the City and explore various other places, such as the Taverna square, the Indian village or pastures. Explore, compete, and have fun.


Text: Moondancer; Korekce: Shitty; Picture: Moondancer, Western city Boskovice s.r.o.

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