Boskovice, CZE
27.4. − 1.5.2023

Houses photos, extra beds and e-mail preferences


Hello our deer attendees. Did you know that you can now preview all the houses by clicking on their numbers on the Accommodation page?

To make your stay more pleasant, we’ve come to a radical agreement. 
We are moving beds that you’ve so far known as “single bed without legs” to an Extra bed (P) category. These extra beds are usually located in Apartman hotel houses marked as triple. After our change, these houses are marked as double with a possibility of an extra bed (P). If you are still willing to accommodate someone on the extra bed (P), it is possible with the same steps as if you were accommodating someone on an inflatable extra bed (NP), just with a price difference - extra bed’s price is no different to the price of a regular bed, since it has a full bed frame (just without legs) with bed grid, a regular mattress and all beddings. This extra bed (P) is marked as (+1) near the house’s occupancy and only some houses are equipped with it - for example House 17, 2/0 (+1).
If you wish to be accommodated on an extra bed (P), please message us using the contact form on our website. The conditions of and the procedure for asking for an inflatable extra bed (NP) hasn’t changed. 

Closing today's news, we'd like to apologize for a minor mistake in your e-mail preferences settings. Due to a bug in our code were News e-mailed even to those who explicitely unselected News sending at the My registration page. This bug should be now fixed, but just to be sure, if you've received this News via e-mail and you are sure you did not subscribe to them, please, reach out to us using the Contact form on our website. 

We wish you a pleasant stay.

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