Boskovice, CZE
27.4. − 1.5.2023

Registration news


A year has passed in a blink of an eye and KRAZ 2023 is at the doors! Let us show you what news we’ve prepared!


Electricity fee

Probably the most important change for all of us. Due to electricity prices extreme growth we have no other choice but to set up an electricity fee. Since it doesn’t sound fair to blow up the registration prices for everyone, a decision about individual payments was made. Each house has its own electricity meter, that measures an electricity consumption (power outlets, lights, water heater and most importantly the floor heating) in the house. Values on each electricity meter will be noted at the beginning of your stay by a Western City’s employee, and those values will be deducted off of actual values on the electricity meter when you leave on Monday. Based on this, an individual electricity consumption bill will be calculated for each of the houses, and the bill will be then split equally between all attendees accommodated there. Payment is to be done to the Western City’s employee on the day of your departure in cash in CZK.

According to available data - during September 2022, one double-bed house consumed about 15 KWh per day, which makes for about 600 CZK per four days, counting with current electricity prices. For one KRAZ it makes roughly 300 CZK per person. 
Please bear in mind that listed prices are only an example. We do not guarantee the price for the electricity consumption per person.


Petr Kopl

Famous comic books artist Petr Kopl will come visit us from faraway Czechia. He illustrated more than 60 books and is an author to Viktoria Regina book series, same as a newspaper comic strip Štěky Broka Špindíry (freely translated as Barks of Brok, the Dirty Mongrel). Come hear his intriguing comic world story and let yourself be dragged into the fantasy world. More to see on the Entertainment page.

Gustation exotic dinner

We simply could not omit this part of the program after last year’s success. For one evening, in the upper floor of Saloon 1870, the cream of society will fill their tummies with exotic delicacies from faraway lands. Be a part of that too! More to see on the Entertainment page.

Gustation medieval feast with interpretation

Do you want to stuff your tummies with exceptional meals and receive an interpretation along with it? Don’t seek further, for our medieval knight’s kitchen is here for you. Taste how peasants or castle lords ate in their times, all accompanied with a professional interpretation from our trained knights. More to see on the Entertainment page.



Do you want a T-shirt? Come buy a T-shirt! With a beautiful unique KRAZ FURRWORLD motive. Already got a T-shirt? Buy another! This year in black or blue! More to see on the T-shirt page.


According to our long-lasting stats, Lunch is the most visited event on the whole con. Which is why we’ve already laid out the meal selection on the table. See more at the Meals page.



Due some happy and not-really-so-happy circumstances, new rules have come to the light of the Furrworld, pertaining to Binding orders (I.10), dogs accommodation (II.14), electric fees (II.15), energies saving (II.16) and unpaid balances (II.20). Rules II.17, II.18 and II.19 were renumbered. We’d like to remind you that abiding Rules is an unnecessary condition for attending the Event, so please, read those carefully, it won’t take long. 

Bank account change

Hearye, hearye, KRAZ z.s. has a new bank account! If you have saved payment details from previous years, please, update them with the actual bank account number/name/details you can find on My package and payment page. 


Want to come yet! Still can! We have still some spots available, but they won't be there for long, so don't wait, visit www.kraz.eu and register for KRAZ 2023 right now!


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