Boskovice, CZE
27.4. − 1.5.2023

Frequently Asked Questions


When will the registration open?

Registration will open during January, 21st January 2023, 20:00 CET


Registration is full, what can I do?

Wait. You can also keep track of your nickname in the pending registration approval list section of the website (currently under construction), to see where your registration status is in relation to other attendees. If an already approved registration is cancelled for any reason, the place of the registration will be given to the next person on the list, and so on. A re-registered participant will be placed at the end of the registrations pending approval list. The 14-day payment deadline for KRAZ z.s. will begin the following day after you receive your approval email.


Can I cancel and obtain a refund for my paid registration?

Registration fee is used to cover the cost of the con including advanced payments. Therefore, the fee usually cannot be refunded. However, it is possible to transfer the registration fee and a place at accommodation facility to another attendee if approved by organizers. The financial matters between the original and the receiving attendee are the sole responsibility of the original attendee. Also, the receiving attendee will receive all commitments of the original attendee (including room sharing). Use Contact Form to initiate the process, please.


I am not 18. Can I also participate?

Unfortunately, not. The consite is strictly accessible for people over the age of 18, with no exceptions. If you reach the age of 18 by April 27, 2023, you will be allowed to join the consite. Please contact the orgateamfirst using the contact form found on the website.



When do I have to transfer the payment to KRAZ z.s.

Within 14 days of approved registration. If you do not, your registration will be cancelled without prior notice. The time will begin from the day following your registration approval, starting at 00:01 and ending after 14 days at 23:59 or a total payment deadline on 25th April, 20:00 CET. You can repeat the registration after this time, but you risk no longer having an available place.


How will I know about my payment status to KRAZ z.s.

Within 5 business days, you will receive an email confirming your payment for registration along with other instructions.


Something has happened and I can not pay within 10 days of registration.

In that case, please let us know as soon as possible using the contact form on the website. We will consider each situation on a case by case basis. Otherwise, registration will be cancelled 10 days after registration approval.


Is it possible to pay using a credit card at the convention?

Yes. In the Saloon 1870 restaurant.



From what time is it possible to arrive at the consite?

Arrival is possible from 15:00 CEST.


By what time do we have to depart from the consite?

Rooms will need to be vacated by 13:00, the official closing of the event is at 14:30.


When will I be able to choose a room?

You will be able to choose rooms on the website as soon as you receive the email confirming receipt of your payment for registration to KRAZ z.s.


What is the maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of participants is 102.


Where can I park?

Parking is provided for each house. The total capacity of parking in the fenced area of Apartment Hotel is up to 65 vehicles. Parking will also be provided to participants who have paid for accommodation in the Canadian cabin. Their places will be visibly marked.


I am accommodated at the Canadian cottage or have an inflatable extra bed at the Apartman hotel. Do i get the beddings?

No. The reduced price for these types of accommodation is due to the fact that the attendees brings their own beddings or sleeping bags, since the extra beds exceeding the regular Apartman hotel capacity. Attendees accommodated in the Canadian cottages will have their own beds with matrasses only, attendees on inflatable extra beds in the Apartman hotel will recieve a fully blown inflatable matress.


I want to be accommodated on an extra bed at the Apartman hotel. What should i do?

You need to be registered and approved by organizers and have the option for receiving messages from other participants allowed in your profile details. Participants already accommodated at the Apartman hotel will then have the possibility to invite you to their room. Mutual agreement is decided by all the participants accommodated in the same house themselves. It is necessary to be invited by all of the already accommodated participants of the selected room. An inflatable extra bed is provided without beddings, while a solid extra bed comes with beddings.

Approval of an extra bed arrangement is to be sent using the Contact form on our website. It is necessary for all of the participating attendees to send their agreement themselves (aka all already accommodated in the room and the one asking for an extra bed as well).




What meals will be available at the convention?

Meals are served at the consite, in a stylish restaurant right in the heart of the Western city. The saloon is an exact replica of hospitality from the second half of the 19th century, with modern backgrounds and the atmosphere of the wild west. The restaurant serves both traditional and stylish dishes in the form of lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be offered here as a buffet and each participant will have breakfast already included, as part of the registration fee.


Will there be a barbecue?

No, after many reviews we've decided to swap the barbecue for a grand banquet, happening on one evening in the Saloon 1870. As with breakfast, the banquet will be covered in the basic registration fee.


Will there be beer and lemonade on tap?

Saloon 1870 will take care of all refreshments. At its 17-meter bar, you will find a nice service that offers you a choice of a large number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

As a further refreshment, you will be able to visit the lazy cat Tea House. It will be on the Main Street, near Saloon 1870.



What are the general rules for registration and behavior at KRAZ?

Full version of the binding rules can be found here.


Will there be a “headless” lounge at the consite?

For the needs of fursuiters, a headless lounge will be provided on the convention, where you can dry your furry self, relax and refresh yourself. Refreshments in this room will be complimentary for fursuiters.


Will there be a shuttle on the consite?

Connection to Boskovice is possible by train, either directly to Boskovice or to the town of Skalice nad Svitavou, which is located on the main railway line Brno-Prague. Both of these places will be provided with a free shuttle service to and from the consite. Also from the bus station Boskovice, if you decide to take a bus .


Can I bring my dog? What will I need?

Of course. We will only require you to submit a vaccination card and assurance that the dog is not aggressive. Otherwise, the dog will not be allowed to enter Western City. Everyone who registers the dog is fully responsible for his actions. Whatever the destruction of Western city property, KRAZ z.s. or damage to the health of a third person or animal. Animals such as horses, goats, or lamas will be in the area. Note this fact, and if your dog is not used to this type of animal, we recommend that he'll be leashed when out of the Apartment hotel. Please note that there will be a charge to bring the dog to the convention.


Will WiFi be available at the consite?

Yes, Wifi is available in the Saloon 1870 Restaurant, all day.


How do I upload a picture for my conbadge?

You can upload the image manually from your personal page (on the website), where you can enter the name and password.

The image used must meet the following conditions:

• Supported formats: JPEG, PNG (transparency will be ignored), GIF, TIFF.

• Maximum size: 2 MB

• Recommended dimensions: 1125 × 1500 px (W x H, aspect ratio 3: 4). Images will be adjusted to the correct size and eventually cropped. Too small picture will be probably blurred when scaling up. In your own interest, upload big enough images.


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