Boskovice, CZE
27.4. − 1.5.2023


Con game

Join our con game, this year taking you to the world of cybernetics, androids and artificial intelligence. Furrworld opens its gates and you can be there!

The Horse show

We’re preparing yet another beautiful and unique show filled with horses. Don’t miss this unique performance not seen at any other convention. We’re preparing the show with the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group. Come see their beautiful noble horses and the abilities of their riders.


Furrworld - The game begins (Fursuiter show)

A fury furry fight! Come take sides to the Saloon, for the fur will be flying as long as the cooling vests can last. This year’s theme Viva La México directly encourages to do as much silly games as possible. The show will take place in the Saloon 1870, a unique place with unforgettable atmosphere. Come and cheer your furry favorites to win!

Choosing of the eight Show participants will be done by a lottery during the Opening ceremony on Wednesday, in the Saloon 1870. If you want to participate in the Show, register yourself on the website, either during your registration itself, or anytime later on in the My registration and payment page.

Rodeo bull

A wild bull has settled in our western city. Are you courageous enough to try to tame him and win a small prize for it? Don't hesitate then, the only barriers are your courage, apetite, and determination. Our 350kgs heavy, professional mechanical bull with glowing eyes, realistic sounds and steamy nostrils is waiting for you.


SHG Mortis and Královští žoldnéři (Royal Mercenaries)

For your entertainment, noble knights from the Swordsmanship Historical Group Mortis a Královští žoldnéři (Royal Mercenaries) will be at your side for the whole con. Pieces of historical armor, exhibitions of grand fights and knight’s honor will be accompanying you for your whole time at the Western city Boskovice. Don’t hesitate to talk to our knights, they sure won’t bite you and they might show you something a little extra as well.

Gustation historical feast with commentation

In cooperation with SHG Mortis and Royal Mercenaries we’ve prepared this year’s unique surprise for you - a gustation slice through medieval kitchens, from peasant to lord, with rich narrative. Are you interested in medieval life? Do you want to taste a true medieval kitchen? Then this feast is just for you. Using authentic sources and era-appropriate equipment a four-course feast will be prepared in a way of medieval people of various castes.

This feast is being made by a binding order. Price for the feast is set for 700 CZK in case you have a full board selected or 900 CZK if not. The feast is limited to 15 people max, so don’t hesitate!

Festive banquet 

Our stylish hot and cold banquet will be waiting for you in the Saloon 1870. Tables will be full of delicious food and it is solely up to you how you will handle it. You are wholeheartedly welcome!

Gustation exotic menu 

Following last year's success, in cooperation with Saloon 1870 we are arranging you a gustation exotic menu to satisfy your taste buds once again. Look forward to experience exotic meats and delicacies not seen in our lands ever before, served by your very own waiter in the upper floor of Saloon 1870. Let yourself be pleased and experience something that you won’t see anywhere else. 

Price for this unique taste experience is 1300 CZK if you have a full board selected, or 1500 CZK if not. The offer is limited to 25 people max.

Petr Kopl

It is an honor for us to welcome on KRAZ a leading Czech comic book writer, an artist and a pioneer of Czech comic books, Petr Kopl.

Petr Kopl is a Czech comic book artist creating mostly in cartooning style. He’s well known for his comic adaptation of Victorian literature, collected in Viktoria Regina book series, and his newspaper comic strip Štěky Broka Špindíry (freely translated as Barks of Brok, the Dirty Mongrel), which were even published in a book form. He illustrated a Magic Atlas “Going through time” from Veronika Válková. He illustrated more than 60 books, many of them being language school books for kids. He also works as a graphic designer, and at times as a journalist, scenarist and an actor.

Come hear his intriguing comic world story and be drawn to the realm of fantasy. 

Open days

We’ve prepared Open days this year as well - accessibility for the public in selected times. Open day will take place on Sunday, altogether with fursuiters and KRAZ attendees group photo. Come interact with the Western city’s visitors in your furry or human self and make kids and adults faces smile with happiness. A competition for the most likeable fursuiter of KRAZ 2023 will take place as well, with our attendees and outside visitors being able to vote as well! If you like outings and public interactions, but don’t like walking too far, this event is just for you, as the visitors will come to you.



Now, a third part opens right in front of you - situated in weird times of the second half of the 20th century, one of the fiercest times ever. A very popular TV series originated on behalf of these times, and it will be a center of action of this park’s part - M.A.S.H. You may admire an original Jeep Willys from the Korean war, which winners of our competition will be able to even ride, visit the famous tent with an exhibit of filth, not called by any other names but Swamp, or meet many other trifles of the time. 

You also may look forward to lectures with themes as “About wild west guns” or “M.A.S.H. or how it really happened”. It will also be possible to try original airsoft replicas of wild west weapons or from times of the M.A.S.H. series in our shooting range during the con.

Nerfgun Battles

Have you ever wondered how the shootouts and cowboy duels looked like in the Wild west? Now you can even be in one! On Friday afternoon you’ll be able to try to be a king for half a minute, steal a case filled with gold nuggets, try an authentic western duel or practice your skills in a classical bandit shootout. Come to the Arena and feel the Wild west yourself! The NerfGun Battles are scheduled twice during KRAZ, but if you wish to try them yourself, you can ask one of our orgas at any time (excluding the NerfGun Battles scheduled time) and borrow them for yourself.

Horse riding

For experienced riders and beginner cowboys as well we've prepared horse rides, which can be reserved in the registration package as a binding order*. Either during your registration itself, or later on the My registration and payment page, you can select the time that you want to spend with the horses. You can either choose a 15 minutes ride around the Rope center and pastures, or longer, 30 or 60 minutes rides. If you’ve never sat on a horse before, don’t worry, our horses are very polite and will take you on a leashed ride with a guide. For more experienced riders, individual rides are available as well. Riding in fursuit is possible only after an agreement on site. If the horse won’t like your fursuit, you will still be able to ride the horse naked, or more specified, in your human self.

If there won’t be enough registrations for the rides by the end of April, the Horse riding will be canceled. If this unfortunate thing happens, you will be informed.

*A binding order means that, in the case of the event happening, you will be obliged to pay on site even if you change your mind. Your binding order cannot be canceled!


Art relaxation

Come enjoy unusual moments while trying various creative techniques. Create your own magnificent piece of memorial art or your very own unique badge. You may look into the creation from all possible angles and try to master techniques that interest you, or some that you never even heard of. Drawing, painting, pouring, spatial painting, encaustic, modeling, mug painting, and much more.

Creative team games

In an unknown land, a creature that knows nothing about itself has appeared, and it is up to us to help him find his missing control unit parts, and, according to our own fantasy, assemble it together. But be careful! Many dangers are hidden in the Furrworld.

Tesla Show

We don’t forget about our technically oriented attendees as well. Exclusively on KRAZ 2023 you may let yourself be driven away by looking at 1,8 m tall Tesla coils with discharges reaching up to 1,5 MV. 

Tesla’s transformer, commonly known as Tesla’s coil, is a high frequency transformer invented by Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian inventor, physician, and creator of electric machines, equipment and devices, living most of his life in America. He lived and created from the second half of the 19th century up to half of the 20th century. Tesla wanted to use his transformers for long-distance energy transfers. Unfortunately, due to problems with reverse energy conversion, difficulties with its routing, low efficiency of the transfer and big energy losses, strong disruption of radio signals and more reasons, this system is not being used in industrial processes now.

Come hear a fascinating lecture about Tesla transformers and look for yourself what such devices can do in our Arena.

Casino Saloon

This year as well we've prepared a professional poker table for you, and due to a high demand, we'll be having a Black Jack table as well, for the whole duration of the con.

The goal of the game is to collect as many poker chips as possible to achieve the highest score. Poker chips in various colours are used, can be won by the participant, if he engages in wit, skill, luck, comes to a lecture or simply drinks and enjoys the con. The whole game is set to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their varying interests. The Orgateam does not participate in this game.

The participant will obtain tokens simply for spending money at the bar and in the tearoom. You can also obtain chips in the various competitions or everyone who attends an individual lecture.

The poker chips may be left, or may be multiplied or lost by the croupier. The croupier will be in pre-announced times at the poker table inside the Saloon. During these times, participants can come and try their luck either individually or in a larger number (max 6 players per game). They can multiply or lose their chips in of the games, the Texas Holdem poker (which will be played on two cards) or the Black Jack. The rules will be explained in the conbook, otherwise the croupier will explain them to you too.

Lazy Pony Tea House

Hereby we present to you our new tea master from the Lazy Pony Tea House, mister Moonysek. Moonysek, using his extensive knowledge and experiences, gathered the finest and most exquisite teas from far Asia, just for your pleasure, to serve them to you in the real western ambience. You can look forward to taste a variety of teas, such as Assam, Máte Rancho, Sencha, Tuareg or Egyptian Hibiscus. Nonetheless, one cannot live only by drinking tea alone, and thus Moonysek would like to offer you water pipes with a wide variety of tobacco. Please, help him decide whether to ambush an oriental tobacco seller to provide you with magical and misty moments for your daily cup of tea.


If you are interested in blacksmithing and would like to learn some more or smith something yourself, then our big friend Grit will help you in any way he can. Visit him during Thursday’s morning for blacksmithing lessons or drop by during the Saturday’s or Sunday’s afternoon to try to smith something yourself under his supervision.

Lame horse shooting range

Do you like shooting and not enjoy the feeling of foam projectiles? Then just for you we’ve prepared the Lame horse shooting range. On Friday’s and Sunday’s afternoon, Johnny de Colt will settle in front of the Gold mines, and in exchange for a tequila shot will let you borrow some of his weaponry to shoot out a few targets nearby. Perfectly safe, of course!


For our friends of a more subtle nature, who prefer quiet and precise shooting, we’ve also prepared an interesting activity - archery. On Friday’s and Sunday’s afternoon, come to the Native American village,  just watch out for strong winds!

Costume rental shop

If you wish to take a commemorative photograph in period costumes with a unique background of the western city, feel free to visit our costume rental shop located at the Main street. Simply phone or text the phone number or telegram contact that will be listed at the entrance to the rental, and pick a costume of your liking. Paid upfront in cash only.

Souvenir shops

If you’d like to get a souvenir reminding you of your time in the Western city, you can do so during Sunday’s Open day, when all of the local souvenir shops will open their gates. Payment is possible in cash only.

Campfire of the Old Trapper

We have a simple equation - the more wood, the bigger fire.

Please bear in mind that the campfire is located near the Apartman hotel and Canadian cottages, so we ask you to keep your voices (and music) down a little after the clocks strike midnight, so nearby inhabitants can rest.


We hope you will have fun. If you do not have fun, we have a reservation for you at Krchov (Graveyard) street, right behind the Canadian cabins.


Text: Moondancer; Korekce: Shitty; Picture: Moondancer, Western city Boskovice s.r.o.

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